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Your reference partner

Holder of the diplôme d'expertise comptable and of the US CPA diploma, Jean-Philippe began his career in Paris, at Mazars, before specializing in supporting foreign companies with French subsidiaries, at Primexis

It is in New York that he joined Massat Consulting Group, specializing in the support of French companies and individuals settled in the United States. He is now the group's tax adviser for all North American and transatlantic issues.

With his experience, he joined forces in August 2017 with Massat Consulting Group and the Montreal CPA firm Guimond Lavallée to create Massat Saurat + Guimond Lavallée.


An international presence

Thanks to the Massat Group's operations in five countries, Massat Saurat + Guimond Lavallée is able to meet the needs of foreign groups based in Canada but also to support Canadian companies in their international development.


A local support

The firm Massat Saurat + Guimond Lavallée has the support of Guimond Lavallée, who has been present on the Quebec accounting scene for over thirty years, with whom he shares his premises on the south shore of Montreal.

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